Wednesday, January 25, 2012

You Are What You (Don't) Eat

S: "It's supposed to be SCIENCE class...we supposed to be learning about plants and animals, not no computers and stuff."
Me: "Science covers a lot of fields, S, not just biology."
E: "BIOLOGIES?  I ain't takin no BIOLOGIES!  Ain't no way I'm digestin no frogs!  That just be NASTY!"
Me: "sigh."
T: "See, E, Mrs. Fenwick all frustrated cuz you didn't say it right."
Me: "Thanks, T, can you tell him how to say it properly?"
T: "Yeah.  It's di-gest-ING. You gotta announce it!"
Me: "Double sigh."


  1. Dissecting and digesting...each is possible, but require significantly different equipment and reagents.

    Dissecting: Dissection tray, pins, scalpel, scissors, probes, and forceps. Pretty simple.

    Digestion: Waring blender and acid. Lots of acid.

  2. I just read this to Rob (who teaches high school students much like yours). He just shook his head and sighed with you.