Friday, January 20, 2012

Butt Writing

So I was behind this girl in line at WalMart today. She was cute. Way cute. She had one of those great bodies that make the rest of us regular women just want to curl up and die. She was wearing a pair of sweatpants that had writing on the butt..."juicy" I think they said. Those pants crack me up. I see them all the time..."juicy", "hot", "cheer", "pimp", short little words that fit nicely on a compact, cute little butt. I got to thinking about it...what would I write on the back of MY pants if I was so inclined?

I don't think I want "juicy"...ew. "Hot" doesn't really describe me very well any more. "Cheer" And "pimp", well that's just not my style. I think I need something a little more substantive. Something positive, still, but with a little more bang for the buck. And of course, we have a little more room to work with here...I know.

Hehe. Just a random thought that ran through my mind at the WalMart today. If anyone wants to order a pair of pants, let me know...I think there's a real untapped market out there...

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